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A fun and easy way to spruce up your....
Posted by Lori on 3/24/2011 to Tips and quick reference

I have been thinking about a project that I have just simply needed to get done, and have been trying to find the energy to get around to it.  So I thought I would share a few thoughts (including some photos and even a video), that document how I in fact did develop some energy to finish the project!

Maybe the best place to start, is a brief history about how, or WHY rather, it came to be in the first place.  I think I can sum that up with these two photos: 


  Need I really say more?

Now anyone who is a parent or has even “done time” babysitting can certainly relate.  What is on those plates or beaters, winds up on those hands, thereby quickly finding its way to the very seat cushions that are shielding the tender bottoms of our young.

What once was a beautiful chair is now, with the quick swipe of a grimy paw, appears as though it has spent the afternoon enhancing its relationship with the family dog!

  See what I mean?

So now you have a better understanding of why, now let’s explore the how.  

Before I started this project, my husband said “I feel another camera opportunity.”  Those of you who read the last blog entry understand the situation here because again, it gives the “man of the house” the opportunity to mess with his new “electronica” thereby giving it new meaning and of course, justification for its purchase.  How can I not comply?  Anyway, to be honest and as it turns out, that is probably the best way to describe the project.  So click this link which will take you to my YouTube channel and let me know what you think.


Kaysi Gardner Date 3/26/2011 2:12:46 PM
LOVE the new fabric, such a fun red! I did the same thing to mine, but then I added some heavy duty clear vinyl (so I wouldn't have to do it again) on top of it. Now it just wipes clean :)
Lori Date 3/26/2011 2:51:47 PM
Great idea!!! I will be definitely adding the clear vinyl next time. Do you attach the fabric and the vinyl at the same time or first one and then the other?
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